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New Stickies – Dumpling Festival
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New Stickies – Dumpling Festival

We are pleased to introduce a new set of Stickies for the upcoming celebration: Dragonboat and Dumpling Festival (Duanwu Festival). This festival is celebrated by the Chinese every 5th of the 5th month on the Chinese Calendar. This year, Duanwu Festival falls on the 20th of June 2015.


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.40.03 PM

Little Green (小绿) and Little Yellow (小黄) are siblings.

Little Green is the older sister of Little Yellow. Both of them like to eat Chinese dumplings made by their parents. They are always excited when Dumpling Festival arrives, as they can enjoy as many dumplings as they like.

小绿和小黄是姐弟。小绿是姐姐。他们俩都很爱吃他们父母做的粽子。每逢端午节他们都很兴奋, 因为他们可以尽情享受他们最爱的粽子。

 Stickies Set Visuals 贴纸系列:

Stickies Visual Set

For a more comprehensive story behind the celebration of Duanwu festival, watch this video below:

想了解更多关于端午节的来源, 请游览:

To use these stickies, you will need to download BondWithMe app, and it will be automatically installed into your account.


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